Hey there!

I'm known as tiirabird, Kallotasapaino and Nitespeon around the internet.

I made this LJ account solely to participate in the Pokémon Collectors LJ Community and a few other Pokémon centric comms. I'll have my trades post (and sales post in the future), feedback link, wants list etc here for easy navigation ^__^

I've been crazy about Pokémon since it became a boom here in Finland. I barely play any other games at all.
Collecting Pokémon merch properly and passionately re-ignited in me just a few months ago, but before that I had acquired quite a collection of flats, books, games, a few plush and figures.

I mainly collect Meowth and Squirtle with Charmander, Bulbasaur, Giratina and Kyogre on the side. Tomy Figures of the original 151 are the newest sprouting collection of mine. I love hoarding random plush and figures. I have all Kanto Pokémon as TOPPS cards except for 5 of the individuals, and the same goes for TCG (I'm not missing anything there though, and I mostly have old-school cards). I also have the main games for GBC, and if my brother's games count, we have ALL the main games.

Aside from Pokémon collecting I enjoy drawing, painting, working out, music (listening to it and composing too) and writing. :]
That's all I guess~


Permanent POKEMON Sales Post! // updated 9.4.2014

I received sales permission from allinia on 8.8.2012
My pkmncollectors feedback can be found here.

All pkmncollectors rules apply, even if you're not a member.
I reserve the right to refuse selling to people that I've had negative transaction experiences with.
I will not do business with banned members of pkmncollectors.

I ship from Finland, and I ship worldwide.
I only accept PayPal payments from international customers.
Customers in Finland may pay via bank transfer if they so prefer.
I am not responsible for custom payments!
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping or fees.

You may ask for a quote, but if someone commits to an item before you do, it's theirs. Please be clear about whether you're asking for a quote or whether you're committed to buying.
After I give you a quote, I will wait for a reply for 24 hours before the item goes to the next person who's interested.
I can hold items up to 3 days, but only if you are 100% committed to buy them, and you inform me beforehand.
Haggling is accepted if you buy a lot at once, but I reserve the right to refuse any offer.
Trades are accepted. Please offer any TOMY figures that I'm still missing (click here to see which ones).

Shipping is based on weight and thickness of the item, as well as the destination.
I recycle packaging materials, so you won't be paying for materials unless you have a problem with used packaging. Please mention it if you'd prefer new materials!
Default packaging: I pack the items in bubble mailers and wrap individual items in bubble wrap or toilet paper to protect them. With more fragile, small items, I can easily pack them in small boxes inside the bubble mailer to protect them well. Shipping in a box is an option too, and I might suggest it in the case of some items.
I am not responsible for anything that happens once the items have been shipped.
I can ship items out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I pack and ship items after I have received payment.

For non-flat items, shipping to the US starts at $12.00
For non-flat items, shipping inside EUROPE starts at $8.00
For non-flat items, shipping inside FINLAND starts at $5.50
For flats, shipping starts at $1.50 GLOBALLY

Some non-flat items can be sent as "flats" if they're small enough.
See the descriptions of specific items for more information.

Minimum spending amount: $2 (before shipping)

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Thank you for looking!

If you wish to ask any questions about the items, ask for a quote, or make a purchase, just comment on this entry with what items you're interested in.
Please mention the country you live in (for shipping calculations).